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09 Серпня 2019

What to know before you arrive to Kyiv

kyiv_St.Sofia square
You’ve got to know that you have to relocate to Kyiv? Cannot sleep and eat? Constant thinking about how to survive there? Do not be scary! Kyiv is a very nice city with pleasant people. You will enjoy living here. 
We have prepared some useful information for you to be aware before you arrive.
Weather in Ukraine is amazing! Each season has its own peculiarities. 
Summer is not so hot, approximate temperature is 20-25 degrees. 
Winter is not cruel, maximum 15 degrees below zero. 
Spring is awesome as everything is blooming.
Autumn is very pleasant, as all the trees are red, green, brown and yellow. All the pavements are full of colorful leaves.   
Sure, sometimes the weather plays funny tricks: nonstop snowing for 3 days or keep raining all the time. But, you shouldn’t be sad on this as this will be he high time to try snowboarding or canoe.
Unfortunately, you cannot catch a taxi standing on the pavement. Sure, you can try, but if you are in a hurry, my advice is to call a taxi. We have a lot of Apps to order a car. The most popular are UBER, Uklon, Taxify. In case you would like someone to pick you up from the airport, you could order the trip beforehand. 
In Ukraine, not all the people speak English. You can meet some difficulties:
Small supermarkets, as there will be no translation on the prices. However, we have some supermarkets with translations, as Le Silpo or Good Wine. 
Orderings via phone (food, taxi, booking a table, tickets). Do not worry, if you check their web site, in most cases there will be a number of English speaking manager, who will assist you.
On the street when asking how to reach something. If the first person you meet could not help, the next one will speak English for sure. 
In Kyiv most of the Ukrainians speak English who are always open to help. 
Bank Account
In order to open the bank account in Ukraine, firstly it would be necessary to prepare some documents: 
The first one and the main – is the proving document where would you live. It could be the Lease Agreement or the document from Hotel (but you should got to know beforehand if the hotel will be available to provide you with this letter, as not all the hotels are responsible to do this). If you have already your TRP, you can provide it, instead of Lease Agreement or letter from the Hotel.
The second document will be your passport.
They will do copies and open the account for you.
In case you would like to receive salary on your card, you should provide your Labour Agreement and work permit. In most cases, the Employer is taking care of this. Nevertheless, you should be aware of the process.
Sure, all the banks have their own proposals, and you could pick any package which would be comfortable for you. You just have to come to the bank, ask the English-speaking employee, and they will answer all the arisen question and will help you to choose the package.
Cash withdrawal
In case you would like to withdraw some cash, you could do this in any ATM. Be informed that Banks set the limit of the amount to withdraw. In case you would like to receive more than your limit, you should call your bank beforehand, order the amount you want and appoint the time to withdraw.
Making a conclusion, I would like to say that Kyiv is a very colorful city. Any difficulty you will meet is solvable. Everyone is open to help and give you an advice. Just do not be scary but be aware.