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29 Жовтня 2020

Immigration documents for an expat family

What features should you pay attention to when obtaining permits for an expat family.

16 Жовтня 2020

Best locations for autumn vacation in Ukraine

Spend great time together with friends or family, enjoy Ukrainian

13 Жовтня 2020

Simplification of issuing documents procedure

Submission of documents for temporary residence permits without leaving the territory of Ukraine

12 Жовтня 2020

Expats in host culture

Is it difficult to hire a foreign employee? Is the difference in culture or developmental level? How do we perceive cultural differences? What is xenophobia and what does it threaten?

29 Вересня 2020

Expiration of the entry ban

When the ban on entry to Ukraine expires, which categories of foreigners can come to Ukraine, tourists to Ukraine, the end of quarantine restrictions on entry

10 Вересня 2020

Cultural differences in business etiquette

How to start working with Ukrainian partners. Features of building a business in Ukraine. Cultural differences of Ukrainian businessmen.

28 Серпня 2020

New restrictions on the foreigners' entry 

Can foreigners enter the territory of Ukraine from August 28? What restrictions apply? What solutions exist?

07 Серпня 2020

Employment of foreigners - who can hire a foreign employee

Employment foreigners, hire a foreign employee, how to get work in Ukraine, Document for foreigner

14 Липня 2020

How to change passport to ID card for Ukrainians

How to get a new Ukrainian passport, reasons for passport renewal. Does everyone need to change their passport to an ID?

25 Червня 2020

ABEA team is EuRA MIM + certified

We are sure that success is not a one-day event. That is not just a goal, it is daily hard work and its result. That’s about achieving, holding, and constantly setting the bar higher.