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10 Грудня 2018

What is a registration sheet and why does a foreigner need it?

Each time we get another Temporary residence permit, happier we are. Know why? 

   Well, firstly, Ukraine has taken over the experience of many European countries and the residence permit of foreigners have recently started to be issued in the form of plastic ID-card. So now, we can not only declare to the whole world about our path of reforms and world standards implementation but also make foreigners’ staying in Ukraine easier.

   Secondly, having ID-card, foreigners pass the border control faster and easier, the only thing the border control need to do - scan the card and verify the fingerprint from the card with the foreigner's fingerprint or passport information.  Voila - the identification is completed. There is no need to waste time for checking residence permit in all databases of stolen and lost documents in case of any suspicion

   Thirdly, ID card is more convenient in use. Sure, we can talk a lot about the data protection super system, which ID card has. However, it is not its best advantage. ID card is undoubtedly better than ordinary booklet TRP at least because it cannot be harmed by spilled coffee. In case of dropping it to the puddle, no worries, just pick it up, wipe and continue using it. In addition, the favorite one – it is not possible to draw on the ID cards. You will not need to change your residence permit because of your beloved kids’ talent in drawing. Plastic cards cope with this kind of challenges unlike the ordinary TRP. However, please keep the ID-card, children and scissors far away from each other. 

Nevertheless, there is as well a fly in the ointment – registration of foreigner’s place of residence. 
So far, the state registration services are not provided with special devices for recording registration data directly to the ID card. As registration proof foreigners obtain A4 sheet of paper where personal data and address of registration are stipulated.

   We should admit – it is not convenient. However, we pull ourselves together and look forward to next steps from the government in this reformatory challenging game.

    The worst is that ID card is not valid without registration. It means that if ID card should be presented (notary office, bank, border control etc.) it is required to provide the registration A4 paper sheet as well. In few words instead of one document, which consist all the required information, now foreigner should have two obligatory documents with him. However, as the saying goes, it is a solvable issue. The registration services will be provided with recording devices, sooner or later. 

   Anyway, the first significant steps have been taken – steps, which cannot be overlooked. It gives us a solid reason to be tuned in to the best and wait a little. Those happy days when you can sign PoA, pass the border control, pay bills, having only ID card, are just around the corner!  


Svitlana Mozharivska

Head of legal departmaent