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15 Жовтня 2019

Myths about immigration to Ukraine

immigration to ukraine

Nowadays issues of investment attractiveness, accessibility and financial comfort of Ukraine among foreigners are discussed regularly. In this article, allegations are proposed to be skipped through the sieve of truth.

Myth number one – it is possible not to pay taxes in Ukraine.

This is not entirely true; moreover, it is not true at all. The taxes need to be paid but compared to Canada or European countries tax rates in Ukraine are smaller. There is a system of simplified taxation, a single tax, and tax benefits, which makes it possible to do business conveniently.

Myth number two - it is easy to get immigration documents for a foreigner in Ukraine.

This statement is right only if a high-qualified intermediary between a foreigner and different state bodies (the employment center, migration and border service, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is available. Moreover, there are a million rules and features and only providers can manage to get the right documents without spending a lot of time on the process.

Myth number three - documents cannot be obtained without a bribe in Ukraine.

This myth should be also refuted and foreigners must be warned that any attempts to "simplify their lives" with bribes are inappropriate. It is both possible and necessary to obtain documents without additional financial influences in Ukraine. Over the past year, the system of obtaining work and residence permits is structured in such a way that written rules cannot be avoided. If the deadlines for filing are missed, it is impossible to return the time back and disrupt the electronic order. It is also impossible to speed up the processes by affecting the currency or to fake information in the database since the electronic process has gone quite far.

Myth number four – the easiest way to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine is a marriage with a Ukrainian citizen.

This myth concerns not only Ukraine but also any other country. Special attention should be paid that in Ukraine the fact of living in one family can`t be checked. Nevertheless, the term of a temporary residence permit for family reunification is issued for 1 year with the possibility of renewal, also for a year. Moreover, legal and affordable procedures for obtaining documents exist for students and workers what absolutely removes the necessity to look for Ukrainians who are ready to marry for documents.

In addition, it would be great to debunk even more myths. However, to be honest, it is better for foreigners to come and see by themselves the real situation in Ukraine and understand that myths are just stories that are often far from the truth.



Svetlana Mozharovskaya,

Head of Legal Department