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11 Лютого 2020

How to leave the territory of Ukraine so that the Border Guard escorts you with a smile

The labor contract in Ukraine is about to terminate and soon you will need to leave the territory of our welcoming country. Preparing the to-do list before departure it is important not to forget about the Temporary Residence Permit (TRP).

"What should be done? Where to go according to the process which is very confusing from the first glance? How much time is left for collecting documents?” And many other questions a foreign citizen may have.

For a hassle-free departure from Ukraine, it’s important to go through the following steps:

 De-register from the place of residence;


Notify the Migration Service of the decision to leave the territory of Ukraine and return the TRP form to be canceled;


 Prepare a package of documents for crossing the final border control as a foreigner who had a residence permit in Ukraine.


   To complete the first paragraph, you will need to contact the state registrar with a special application, asking for the de-registration of the place of residence from the apartment/house.
   Since you can stay without a registration mark for a month this procedure can be planned in advance.
   After the registration is canceled, we would recommend informing the owners of the apartment, which was kindly leased to you; they will be happy!
   Next, you should return your TRP to the Migration Service. MS itself is obliged to issue the Order of TRP cancellation. This process can take from 2 weeks to 1 month.
   After the actions above you have a week to close all things with no rush and leave the territory of Ukraine.
   On the day of departure, to pass the border control please take all the documents that will help the border guard to make sure that you are leaving Ukraine in accordance with all the established standards of migration legislation of Ukraine.
   Our team will help to cancel the TRP and collect all the necessary documents with marks, seals, and stamps so that the border control will be passed as quickly and easily as possible, the Border Guard will not have difficult questions, and they will accompany you with a smile "without a drop of suspicion."


Diana Derii
Senior Lawyer at ABEA Relocation