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18 Червня 2020

How to cross the border of Ukraine from 18.06.2020

As there is a lot of truthful and not so much information on the Internet, let us share with you the practice of crossing the border confirmed by the relevant authorities.

1. According to the State Border Service, citizens of all countries can enter Ukraine. That is, the restriction on the availability of temporary or permanent residence permits has been lifted.
2. All countries are divided into the green and red zone. Country lists and dividing are updated every three days. Current lists can be checked on the official website of the Ministry of Health.
3. Visitors from the green zone may not pass the 14-day observation. Visitors from the red zone are required to observe for 14 calendar days.
4. If a foreigner enters Ukraine from the green zone, but in transit through the red, it is considered that he enters from the green zone and does not require a 14-day observation.
5. If a Ukrainian citizen comes from abroad, he/she shall comply with the same conditions. The red zone - self-isolation for 14 days, if green – it’s possible to walk the Ukrainian streets.
6. Mandatory condition for crossing the border is the presence of an insurance policy covering 14 days of observation and COVID-19 treatment. It is not necessary to have a hard copy of the policy, there is a practice of crossing the border with an electronic version. Additionally, the Ministry of Health must approve the form of the policy. As soon as a template or form is approved, we will inform you immediately.
7. If a foreigner enters Ukraine but transits to another country – he/she may not comply with quarantine, even if entering from the red zone.
8. If a foreigner enters Ukraine from the red zone and does not violate the rules of self-isolation, or leaves Ukraine earlier than 14 days, or in any other way violates the additional rules that were introduced with coronavirus, he will be prosecuted by drawing up a report and pay the fine of 17,000 to 34,000 UAH.
9. Testing for COVID-19 at the airport is not available yet. The test-results from other countries will not also give any advantages when crossing the border. For example, if a foreigner enters from the red zone but has a negative COVID-19 test result, he/she will still need to install the DIIA VDOMA application and undergo a 14-day observation.

In case you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to ask. We will find the answers together. 
We wish you be healthy and take care of yourself!

With all the best,
Your ABEA team