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11 Вересня 2019

Foreigners. Cars. And Ukrainian roads.

   Sometimes citizens of other countries come to Ukraine by car. Or buy/rent a car when living in Ukraine for some time. 
   However if the condition of the roads and the prices for fuel did not frighten them, then the question about the right to drive a vehicle arises. In other words, are foreign driver's license valid in Ukraine?
   The law divides foreign drivers into two categories: temporarily residing or staying on the territory of Ukraine, and those who arrived in Ukraine for permanent residence. Let's figure it out.
   Temporarily staying foreigners are persons, who are the citizens of other countries who are staying on the territory of our country 90 days out of 180 under the visa or visa-free regime. Depending on the country of citizenship, not the country of entry - this is important!
    Temporarily residing are those citizens who have received a temporary residence permit on the basis of one of 13 possible options. Employment, family reunion, study, volunteering and so on are among them.
Both of them have the right to drive a vehicle, having a driver's license of another country, according to the general Ukrainian legislation. This rule has one important addition. It is valid only if the license itself contains the name of the foreigner in Latin letters (as the main language of the certificate, or duplicated). In this case, this license can not be replaced by the Ukrainian equivalent.
   This does not prohibit the above categories of foreigners to obtain a new driver’s license in Ukraine. After passing a medical examination, driving school and passing the theoretical and practical part of the exam in the police. Preventing questions - the exam can be taken in several languages - Ukrainian, Russian, English, French and Italian. 
  Also, a small remark for the same category of foreigners - the exchange of a driver's license for Ukrainian, replacement or issuance due to loss, theft, natural disaster, is not provided.
   The second category of foreigners is those who arrived in Ukraine for permanent residence and received a corresponding document - a permanent residence permit or PRP. Such certificates will be valid in Ukraine exactly 60 days from the date of receiving of the PRP itself. Then the foreign driver’s license is required to be replaced. Of course after passing the medical examination and successfully passing the exam at the police.
   ABEA team wishes both of them pleasant trips, fewer checks, and accidents. As they say, have a smooth ride!


Svitlana Mozharivska
Head of Legal Department