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07 Серпня 2020

Employment of foreigners - who can hire a foreign employee

We all know that foreigners can work in Ukraine. Moreover, over the past few years a pleasant revival has been observed in the labor market among foreigners. Such an employee is very valuable; as he/she can bring many useful life hacks, innovations to your “brainchild”, give a significant impetus to business growth.

So who can hire a foreign employee, and what are significant issues for the realization of this adventurous idea?

You are a developing limited liability or full liability company, maybe an educational institution, or even a joint-stock company, a medical institution. This list of legal entities has an excellent opportunity and rich experience in employing foreigners.

But what should a private entrepreneur do, for example, a young designer who is at the beginning of his entrepreneurial activity? Let’s say, a talented dressmaker lives in Germany, and the designer really wants to recruit him/her and at the same time carry out his/her business within the framework of the law.

The legislation of Ukraine provides such an opportunity for entrepreneurs; if a private entrepreneur is an entrepreneur of the second group with the possibility of employment, he/she can hire foreign employees.

In addition, it is provided by Ukrainian law that a foreigner can occupy any position - from a mechanic to a director, but the name of the position must correspond to the Classification of professions of Ukraine.

Each process of employing a foreigner is unique in its own way, but it shares one important, we would even say the main, stage – obtaining of a special Work Permit.

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Diana Derii
Senior Lawyer at ABEA Relocation