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27 Квітня 2020

Quarantine Exit Algorithm

We are sure that you, like us, already want to read the good news. So let us tell you about the quarantine exit algorithm approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The first step is possible if within 10 days the ratio of new cases among all tested does not change or the daily difference between new cases within 5%. 
The relaxation in this case are: 
- to open parks, squares, recreation areas, coastal zones, except playgrounds;
- to open the beauty industry,
- to allow training in team sports,
- to allow retail of non-food items,
- to allow coffee shops to work on takeaways,
- to open car washes, bicycle shops, bicycle rental, notaries.


The second step is possible if within 10 days the number of new infected persons decreases and the number of recovering ones increases. 
Than the government allows:
- to resume graduate education in schools,
- catering establishments,
- work in open air cinemas,
- open gyms, hotels,
- to resume sports competitions with 50 people and no spectators.

The third step is possible if within 10 days the number of recoveries is twice or more than the number of new cases, medical facilities are occupied by patients with COVID-19 less than 10%.
Then open:
- sports and playgrounds,
- individual educational institutions,
- subway for special transportation,
- interurban transport within the area,
- Shopping malls except entertainment and children's areas,
- theaters, cinemas, hostels, sanatoriums, recreation centers,
- catering facilities for visitors.

The fourth step is possible if within 10 days the number of new, unrelated cases daily is less than 5 per area.
Then remove the restrictions from:
- the work of the subway and all land transport,
- shopping and entertainment complexes,
- gyms and fitness centers,
- culture and education,
- to provide routine medical and dental care.

And the last step is the fifths one which is possible if single cases associated with the importation of the disease from abroad are recorded. Then all restrictions will be lifted, except for the ones established by local authorities in certain territories.

We hope that the first stage will start on May 12 and very soon the quarantine stays only in our memories.

Take care of yourself and your families!
Your ABEA team