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25 Квітня 2017

Pechersk district

Pechersk district occupies the central part of the territory of Kyiv, close to the Parliament of Ukraine (Verkhovna Rada) and other parliamentary buildings, as well as the beautiful Mariinsky park. Landmarks Pechersk some of the most prestigious in all Kyiv. Pechersk borders with Khreschatyk Street, the boulevard Lesi Ukrainki and Druzhby Narodiv, as well as the River Dnieper in the East. Pechersk is an administrative and business center of Kyiv. In this area, many schools and kindergartens, as well as luxury homes, including old buildings and modern residential complexes are situated.

Advantages of living in Pechersk:

  •      Pechersk is an administrative and business center of Kyiv, but as soon as you leave the main streets, you will find plenty of quiet residential areas;
  •      Pechersk - is landscaped, green area, good for walking. There are many large parks such as Mariinsky Park, Park of Slavy and the Botanical Garden. Here you will find one of the best tourist places in Kyiv: Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, a large complex with a monastery, cave system and a number of churches, which are also a great place to visit all year round;
  •      British International School, one of the best international schools in Kyiv, and there are many other private schools and kindergartens;
  •      Two new business center in Kyiv are here: Parus Business Centre (2, Mechnikova St.) and Gulliver Business Centre (1A, Sport Square);
  •      At Pechersk there are many shops and prestigious boutiques, including Gulliver shopping center and the Mandarin Plaza.

In Pechersk district you can find following popular areas:

  •      Lipki is a historical area of Pechersk. In 1744 the lime-tree grove was planted on this place, so it was called Lipki, which means little lime-trees. Lipki is an administrative district of the Kyiv: Ukrainian President Administration, Supreme Soviet, National Bank, Government House and other important government buildings are situated in this district. Lipki is a very nice place for walking. Here old restored mansions adjoin new houses, and green trees help escaping summer heat. 
  •      A new residential neighborhood - Novopecherskie Lipki - one of the most expensive and prestigious places in Kyiv. A contemporary «city in the city» has newly developed modern buildings with reliable security and maintenance services. In addition, tennis courts, restaurants, beauty salons, and a gym with a swimming pool are situated here. Within the past 3-5 years, this section of Kiev has grown in popularity, so much so that prices here (for both rent and sale) are on the same level as the central area of Kyiv
  •      Tsarskoye Selo (village) is an old area in Pechersk district with many old and modern luxury villas and private residential buildings, as well as several embassies.

Metro stations in Pechersk district: Palace of Sports, Klovskaya, Pechersk, Druzhby Narodov, Arsenalnaya