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29 Серпня 2017

Only 10% of Ukrainians have issued a biometric passport

So, the results of the nationwide survey, which was conducted from 9 to 13 June 2017. 45.4% of respondents answered that they do not intend to register foreign biometric passports at all. At the same time, 27.9% said they intended to make such documents, but later. Also 7.4% of respondents reported that they are going to produce such passports exactly this year. Only 6.9% of respondents said they already have biometric passports, and 12.6% found it difficult to answer the question.

In addition, 66% of Ukrainians said they do not have any passport, and 19.6% said they have an old passport, but without Schengen visas. At the same time, 8.5% have an old passport with Schengen visas. 2018 respondents aged 18 and over in all regions of Ukraine were interviewed.

But the fact remains - for the first month of visa-free regime of Ukraine with the EU it was used by 95.5 thousand Ukrainians. According to the company Research & Branding Group, Ukrainians from the western regions travel much more often. The main purposes of travel are tourist trips, about 11%, trips to relatives - 7% and business trips - 4%.