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14 Липня 2020

How to change passport to ID card for Ukrainians

Let’s talk today not about foreigners, although they and their documents, such as work permits, visas, residence permits, address registration of residence, are our main work.

Today we offer to talk and systematize information about changing passports of Ukrainian citizens from book-shaped passports to new ID-cards.

In case if someone still does not know, now it is impossible to get a book-shaped passport in Ukraine. On a plastic ID-card there is a chip where information about the place of residence, issued foreign passports is encrypted. What is important, this chip also contains an identification code. In addition, the languages of the cipher are Ukrainian and English. 

Previously, there was information about the compulsory replacement of all passports until 2020 (and then until 2021), but this decision was canceled.

So when should you apply for a new passport?

1. If you reach the age of 14. In comparison, earlier passports were received at 16.

2. If the passport was issued in a book-shape before 1994.

3. If a citizen of Ukraine is 25 or 45 years old, and a recent photograph is not put on time in a passport. After paying the fine, you will need to apply for a new passport - an ID card.

4. If the information about a citizen has changed, for example, change of surname after marriage.

5. If a mistake is found in a book-shaped passport that has been already issued.

6. Defects of a passport that do not enable its usage. Here it is simple: if you have washed it accidentally or torn out a page.

7 Loss or theft of a passport.

8. Expiration. This paragraph is for those who have received a passport as an ID-card and 10 years have passed.


Speaking about pleasant aspects, the data on a card passport is more protected. Forgery of such passports is almost impossible. As a result  it will greatly reduce the amount of frauds.


Talking about unpleasant aspects, you have to carry a certificate of registration, because special chip readers are not widespread. A card passport is valid only for 10 years, which meets international standards of course, but entails additional troubles.

Also, a passport replacement is not free of charge. The price depends on the speed of issueing – 345 UAH or 471 UAH for 10 and 20 working days, respectively. 

You can get it free only for the first time at 14 years old, but it valid just for 4 years.


Employees of our company have already developed a schedule for passport changing, as compliance begins with ourselves.


As the saying goes,  we change and encourage you!


Svitlana Mozharivska 
Head of Legal Department