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19 Травня 2017

Finally, it has happed! Visa-free travel for Ukrainians

Finally, it has happed! Visa-free travel for Ukrainians has moved from the category of a long hope and outlying perspective into a shivery reality. The European Parliament adopted a decision on a visa-free regime for Ukraine.
Moreover, no matter how much it is talked  and written about, unfortunately, not all citizens of Ukraine understand what really happened. Some still hope to leave freely for studying or getting a job in the European Union after border opening . The reason for this is the general lack of explanatory work from the Ukrainian authorities until recently. They said a lot, but not about that...
Visa-free regime grants Ukrainian citizens the right to a short stay in the EU: no more than 90 days for 180 days. Ukrainian citizen must meet the following requirements to cross the EU border without obtaining a visa:

  •    To be in a possession of a biometric passport. If a citizen does not want to receive a biometric passport for religious or other reason, he can enter the EU after obtaining a visa. In other words, the procedure, which exists today, is not canceled, and an additional option is added to it, which is simpler.
  •   To substantiate the purpose and conditions of his stay in the EU.
  •   To have sufficient financial resources for staying in the EU and for returning to Ukraine, or to be able to obtain them legally.
  •   Not to be on the list of persons who are outlawed. 
  •   Not to be considered as a threat to public policy, internal security, public health or the international relations. 

We can talk for a long time about the pros and cons of a visa-free regime. Nevertheless, the truth is that this is an additional opportunity for Ukrainian citizens to have a look at the EU and finally decide what they want and where they wish. Is it possible for additional opportunities to make worse? In general, it is silly to expect more from the European Union. The intention of the heads of the member states is to protect their citizens and territory, and not to pull Ukraine out of all sorts of crises. Indeed, if you are drowning you are on your own. It is sink or swim.