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11 Грудня 2019

Expat’s reunion with his family in Ukraine. What is important to know?

You have finally received the long-awaited temporary residence permit and registration in Ukraine. It would seem that the immigration processes are closed, you can begin to work and perform labor duties. Nevertheless, ahead is waiting for an equally important, sometimes difficult process - to relocate your family to Ukraine. 

Expat’s reunion with his family in Ukraine
We would like to share with you what you need to know, which is important not to forget when preparing documents and moving relatives.
Where do you need to start? Once you have received a residence permit with registration, your family can apply for a visa. First, you need to figure out whether your family needs a Visa, find out its type, who to apply for a visa, and what documents to prepare. It is also important to check whether all family members need visas.
When the answers to these questions are found, you should check the marriage and birth certificates of your children. Whether they were lost, where and who issued the documents, whether all the stamps and signatures are affixed. Most likely, the documents must be confirmed and certified with beautiful stamps of legalization or apostille.
It is also very important to prove to the Consul that the family is really expected in Ukraine, that all financial issues that may arise during the stay will be covered, that everyone has their own personal insurance policy.
Each country has its own peculiarities for issuing visas, often Consuls can make an appointment to personally meet and chat with your relatives.
When visas are received, tickets are bought, it is very important not to forget to take passports and certificates in the hard copy with yourself - they will still be useful to you in Ukraine.
The next step will be to contact the Migration Service, which is already familiar to you, where inspectors will check documents and make a positive decision on the issue of temporary residence permits for spouses/children.
After receiving the TRP for the family and registering their place of residence, the most pleasant part comes - to celebrate your official reunion, now all migration processes are closed.
Your family can stay continuously for 1 year with you in Ukraine. In addition, if your contract is extended for another year, all you need to do is to contact the Migration Service in time for an extension of the TRP.
Of course, we have not forgotten about your parents, relatives and friends. We will be glad to introduce you to the nuances of paperwork in our next articles.
ABEA Relocation will be happy to help you prepare all the documents and make your path to family reunion quick and easy.

Diana Shcherbatiuk
Senior Lawyer at ABEA Relocation