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11 Березня 2020

CORONAVIRUS : preventive measures in Ukraine

Due to the massive spread of COVID-19, the following preventive measures in Ukraine were introduced.
The Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko decided to impose quarantine on the territory of the city starting from 12.03.2020, until 31.03.2020, namely:
  • educational institutions (schools, universities, preschool institutions, sports  schools) were closed,
  • public gatherings were forbidden: concerts were canceled, theaters and cinema were closed,
  • the entertainment centers and entertainment areas in shopping malls were closed. 
All other services continue their work in regular regime.
The preventive measures were introduced at the border-crossing points, as well. For the purposes of detection of all the cases of possible contracting of virus, clinical entry screenings (temperature checks) of all arriving on the territory of Ukraine are being held.
Foreign citizens who refuse to pass the temperature check or refuse to study the cause of increased body temperature, may not be allowed to enter the territory of Ukraine in order to ensure security of the citizens of Ukraine.
These restrictions shall not apply to the citizens of Ukraine. As provided by the Constitution of Ukraine, Ukrainian citizens are always allowed on the territory of Ukraine. In any case, the citizens of Ukraine must undergo the temperature-check and additional medical screening if the body temperature is raised.
All ABEA team is hoping, that in April we will be back to the regular work and the coronavirus outbreak will be left behind.
Please, take care of yourself!