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25 Червня 2020

ABEA team is EuRA MIM + certified

We are convinced that success is not a one day event. Success is not just a goal, it is daily hard work and its result. That is about achieving, holding, and constantly setting the bar higher.

This "bar" for ABEA is immigration services, where the expat is confident in the legitimacy and safety of his staying in Ukraine. The only difficulty for him is to choose the color of the jacket for the first working day in a new country.


The “bar” is also a relocation service. Entering a suggested apartment or house, foreign workers feel at home.  All their wishes were taken into account and families have an opportunity to do their favorite things, but already in Ukraine.


In order to achieve the title of "the best", "the greatest", or "the most responsible", each of us works for the common result: works overtime, is constantly in touch and does not stop learning. The ABEA team used quarantine to improve their professional skills. It was not only a chance to work at home, but also an opportunity to gain new knowledge and increase the level of qualification. 


While someone is looking for an excuse, we always see new opportunities.
Time was used to maximum advantage - all EuRA trainings were passed, awards were received. Managing International Mobility PLUS is a certificate that verifies a completion of the program that corresponds to a high-quality service - European standards, a balanced approach, an ability to find acompromise and non-standard solutions. Obtaining this certificate, we maintain a positive image and reputation of ABEA. 


We can fairly call ourselves a team of highly trained professionals. In addition to master degrees in international relations, law, philology, our girls have a lot of certificates and awards in the field of relocation, international mobility and related services. 

Proud to work in a team of experts.