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29 Травня 2020

Destination Service Provider of the Year

   The competitive spirit and the desire to be the best at what you do and love is what moves forward our business. The desire to complete tasks at the highest level, exceed clients’ expectations, find an approach to the most challenging and demanding clients, compile documents without fuss and deliver them on a silver platter is our way of doing business.
   We can proudly say - ABEA is the largest relocation company in Ukraine, which follows the highest European standards. The company was founded 15 years ago to solve the problems of foreigners in Ukraine. The company has become a reliable partner, the first friend, and advisor for those who find themselves in an unfamiliar environment.
   Good reputation among existing customers, excellent service and reliability over these years are what make our clients stay with us.
   This year we have decided that it is time for the "teen-company" to win "adult" awards. Our goal is to get the title "Destination Service Provider of the Year" in the Relocate Award 2020 presented by Relocate Magazine.
    Everyone in our team aspired and tried hard to win the coveted award. Our work was evaluated and ABEA Relocation was shortlisted among other nominated companies. Moreover, we want to admit that we are the first Ukrainian company, which has taken part in the competition and received a fairly high result. Recognition of this level is like an Oscar nomination but in the world of relocation. We are happy about that.
   One of the stages in the company's presentation is a 2-minute video, which we are ready to share with you today.