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12 Жовтня 2020

Expats in host culture

In the context of globalization, foreign specialists who are sent to work in another country occupy a special place. The question of their adaptation and socialization is interested by many managers in Ukraine and is very relevant.

ABEA Relocation team is directly related to both sides of the moving process. So, we decided to help you to understand the psychological aspect and found out the answer to the question - what is the perception of foreigners in the host country formed by? 

foreigner in Ukraine_Cultural differences

One of the main external factors that affects the level of adaptation of expats is the cultural distance. When a new culture resembles a native one, cultural shock is less. As a result, it is easier to find a common language and accept a person into your circle of communication. However, if an expat comes from a more distant and dissimilar culture, the self-defense reaction is triggered and the degree of mistrust and suspicion increases. In this case, the adaptation process takes more time and efforts.

foreigner in Ukraine_Cultural differences_1

The socialization of expats does not exclude the influence of personal characteristics. For example, a positive relationship between expats and new social environment is observed when an expat expresses professionalism, adequate self-esteem, extraversion and faith in one's own efficacy. People want to be closer to an open and confident person. The expat will be perceived as the source that shares new experience, knowledge and positive vibes.

Factors that are directly related to the host country also have a tangible part of impact on establishing a certain attitude towards expats. High level of education, developed type of a settlement, close location to the center of cultural development, great financial status and young age lead to more successful social acceptance of an expat by society.


foreigner in Ukraine_Cultural differences_2

It is important to note that due to the slowdown in the cultural development of the host country, xenophobia develops or in another words – fear of the “unknown”. This important social issue requires active opposition, both at the corporate ethic level in the company and the individual level. To prevent the emergence of xenophobic ideas in the company, such means are needed: popularization of the principles of tolerance; replacing fear with an interest in exploring the unknown, introducing expats to the culture through recreational activities.

To sum up, the ABEA Relocation team wants to say that a person lives in the world where thousands of unique cultural spaces meet every moment, and its main task is to learn to accept and tolerate the diversity of the Universe in all its manifestations.