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11 Липня 2019

Foreign children: to register or not to register in Ukraine - that is the question.

international kids
   After a short pause we are ready to come back to you with an information about the practice of documenting foreigners under 18 that has developed over the past year: what fears came true and what were you afraid of in vain. News about the adults you can find here.
   For more than 12 months the legislation doesn’t provide counting of the time of foreigners under 18 years old on the territory of Ukraine. This means that minor children, citizens of any other country can stay in Ukraine for an unlimited amount of time. Neither the counting of 90 days from 180, nor the additional receiving of a temporary residence permit is necessary. Sounds like a fairytale, right?
   The biggest and greatest fear is that it will not work. That the border guards whether at the airport, at the land border crossing points will still require proof of the legality of their staying in the country. This is not the first time for us to live by the old rules.
   Fortunately, it didn’t happen. The border guards are quite loyal to the little foreigners and do not interfere with crossing the border neither in nor from Ukraine. For the whole year we’ve never heard any complaints about the demands of the border service in granting temporary residence permits to accompanying children from foreigners.
   The fear that children also will need to prove the reason of their staying on the territory of Ukraine, and sometimes the kinship to accompanying persons was justified. Border guards often ask questions about the place of residence of children, the name of the school in case children attend any of them. In case of giving clear intelligible answers or providing necessary documents, it is possible to pass the control without hindrance.
   The most annoying is that these difficulties do arise. Minor citizens under 18 who travel independently are often more closely inspected by border controls. Such foreigners may be forced to pass additional inspection of hand luggage or an interview with the border service. Obtaining a separate residence permit might make it easier even though it is not mandatory. In case of submitting this document on passport control the border guards don’t even ask any additional questions.
   We are glad to summarize that step by step we are getting to a simple and understandable system of receiving migration documents. And the further the more accessible we can speak about the methods of resettlement in Ukraine.
Svitlana Mozharivska
Head of Legal Department