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10 Вересня 2020

Cultural differences in business etiquette


If you are going on a business trip to Ukraine, or you decided to move and want to make a career here or build a business, it will be useful to get acquainted with the features of business etiquette in our country.



After all, everyone knows that to make a good impression and win the respect of a new partner at the first meeting is already half the way to success.

Here are just a few recommendations and tips that can help you properly interact and relate business with your Ukrainian colleagues:

• Business relationships are often built right at the dinner table, this can help build relationships. Ukrainians are very hospitable, so don't be surprised if you receive an invitation to a business meeting with a banquet right in your colleague’s house.


• At dinner with Ukrainian colleagues, try to participate in toasts. The landlord says the toast first. They will also expect a response from you.

• In Ukraine, traditional gender relations are welcome. Men look after women, open the door for them, pour them drinks, etc.


• Some Ukrainians are very superstitious. Shaking hands over a threshold or transmitting something over a threshold are considered a bad omen.

• At the first meeting, referring to your Ukrainian colleague use the prefix “Pan” or “Pani”, he or she will be pleasantly surprised.

• Ukrainians are very sincere and always friendly towards people. They like to chat while expressively gesturing. This feature often attracts foreigners to Ukrainians, because they treat everyone as brothers.


• During a business meeting, let the Ukrainian partner switch the topic of conversation from business to personal, as Ukrainians like to build a business with friends.

Different countries have different traditions and mindset, but despite this, the main principles remain unchanged, it's respect not only to your business partner, but also to his time, respect for his right to privacy and maintaining a certain distance in business communication. And it’s very important to respect the culture and history of this country!