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11 Січня 2019

Immigration to Ukraine: could the process be digital?

We want to show you our vision of the possible interaction of the foreigner and government agencies. Also to tell you once again about the employment scheme, but with some innovations in mind.

10 Грудня 2018

What is a registration sheet and why does a foreigner need it?

Ukraine has taken over the experience of many European countries and the residence permit of foreigners have recently started to be issued in the form of plastic ID-card.

27 Листопада 2018

What a foreigner should NOT do in Ukraine

Expats can be confused in Ukraine because of having the experience of living in a completely different country and thinking differently. We decided to dilute the endless stream of councils (including ours) with several rules on how a foreigner should not

02 Жовтня 2018

Temporary residence permits in the form of an ID card. Expectations and reality.

How to get temporary residence permits in Ukraine? New procedure of getting ID cards. What are changes in getting of temporary residence permits. Ukraine documents for work

10 Липня 2018

“Stumbling blocks” and practical aspects of home search process in Ukraine

Moving to another country is exciting and the same time scaring. Expats face with different difficulties ranging from differences in culture, language, traditions and ending with the everyday aspects of living in a new location.

13 Червня 2018

Changes in obtaining Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine

Alert about new procedure on obtaining Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine, deadline for filling in documents for temporary Residence Permit prolongation changed

31 Травня 2018

Personal data processing rules in Ukraine and GDPR in EU: Differences and Commonalities

Protection Data in Ukraine and European Union. GDPR and its influence on Ukrainian Business. Differences and Commonalities in personal data processing rules in Ukraine and GDPR in EU