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06 Квітня 2020

ABEA Relocation in the Top Five

We are pleased to share important news with you - ABEA was shortlisted by the Relocate Awards and Think Global People Awards 2020 and nominated for the Destination Service Provider of the Year. This is the largest and most famous award in the world of Glo

03 Квітня 2020

Foreign employees in Ukraine during quarantine

Webinar on peculiarities of Ukrainian legislation, new Government regulations, regarding the stay of foreigners in the territory of Ukraine. Fines or their cancellation for violation of immigration law. Delayed visa in Ukraine and the possibility to apply

17 Березня 2020

Preventing the Occurrence and Spread of COVID-19: Bill #3219

Preventing the Occurrence and Spread of COVID-19: Bill #3219, Residence of foreigners in Ukraine during quarantine, violation of terms during stay during the quarantine

11 Березня 2020

CORONAVIRUS : preventive measures in Ukraine

What to do during an epidemic, quarantine coronavirus in Ukraine, coronavirus in Kiev

11 Лютого 2020

How to leave the territory of Ukraine so that the Border Guard escorts you with a smile

The labor contract in Ukraine is about to terminate and soon you will need to leave the territory of our welcoming country. Preparing the to-do list before departure it is important not to forget about the Temporary Residence Permit (TRP).

14 Січня 2020

What affects the cost of rental housing in Kyiv?

Are rental prices going up or down? In order to understand the reason, you need to figure out what affects the formation of rental prices.

11 Грудня 2019

Expat’s reunion with his family in Ukraine. What is important to know?

Once you have received a residence permit with registration, your family can apply for a visa. First, you need to figure out whether your family needs a Visa, find out its type, who to apply for a visa, and what documents to prepare.

11 Листопада 2019

Real estate agencies' regulation

15 Жовтня 2019

Myths about immigration to Ukraine

Nowadays issues of investment attractiveness, accessibility and financial comfort of Ukraine among foreigners are discussed regularly. In this article, allegations are proposed to be skipped through the sieve of truth.

11 Вересня 2019

Foreigners. Cars. And Ukrainian roads.

However if the condition of the roads and the prices for fuel did not frighten them, then the question about the right to drive a vehicle arises. In other words, are foreign driver's license valid in Ukraine?