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10 Лютого 2021

Reverse culture shock: welcome home

Returning home after a long stay abroad seems like a relief, because you can finally relax in your familiar and beloved environment. However, it is often stressful to come home after a long absence. In other words, moving to another country is a shock, re

28 Січня 2021

Cultural shock

Cultural shock is a period or a human condition when he/she adapts to life in a foreign country and in a new environment. Moreover, he/she changes not only his/her usual lifestyle, but also changes his/her views on life and rebuilds the picture of the wor

09 Грудня 2020

ABEA Relocation has received the first in Ukraine Quality Seal in the field of relocation and immigration

This year the efficiency and level of services provided by ABEA were awarded by the EuRA Global Quality Seal. We are the first relocation company in Ukraine which has received the quality mark.

26 Листопада 2020

Electronic visa. How and who can get it ?

How the procedure for obtaining an electronic visa to Ukraine has been simplified. How much does it cost and where to register?

13 Листопада 2020

Skill battle: hard skills vs soft skills

The ideal candidate for the legal department is to blame for this. Lawyer of migration law

29 Жовтня 2020

Immigration documents for an expat family

What features should you pay attention to when obtaining permits for an expat family.

16 Жовтня 2020

Best locations for autumn vacation in Ukraine

Spend great time together with friends or family, enjoy Ukrainian

13 Жовтня 2020

Simplification of issuing documents procedure

Submission of documents for temporary residence permits without leaving the territory of Ukraine

12 Жовтня 2020

Expats in host culture

Is it difficult to hire a foreign employee? Is the difference in culture or developmental level? How do we perceive cultural differences? What is xenophobia and what does it threaten?

29 Вересня 2020

Expiration of the entry ban

When the ban on entry to Ukraine expires, which categories of foreigners can come to Ukraine, tourists to Ukraine, the end of quarantine restrictions on entry